You wants to see me because you are intrigued and impressed by what you have discovered.

Let me experience that about you as well.


Q1: how can i make a contact with you?

A: I respond to email or SMS enquiry only. I do not take a booking over the phone. If you call me without any prior arrangement, you will be regarded as a time waster and blocked immediately without notice.

Q2: How do I make a booking?

A: Please feel free to utilise my contact form here.

Your booking enquiry must include your booking name, preferred booking date/time/duration/location to start with, as well as, any additional information about yourself or any questions or requests.

Q3: deposit methods &cancellation policy?

A: The deposit methods currently accepted are,

  • Beem It (an App that allows an instant EFT) - please sign up on the app prior to making an enquiry for a booking.

  • Online Gift Voucher (Sephora, Myer, Honey Birdette) sent to my email -

  • Money Transfer to my Load & Go account - Direct Cash Deposit is not available.

  • Upon sending me a deposit with one of the above options, you must send me a screenshot to confirm your deposit via SMS and to secure your booking.

  • All deposit is non-refundable to compensate the time I would have spent to handle your booking enquiry.

  • In case of your personal emergency, I am happy to reschedule your booking with minimum 6 hour notice with no additional deposit.

Q3: any preparation required?

A: I take personal hygiene and OH&S very seriously. Any abnormal visible or olfactory signs and symptoms are subject to a refusal of service entirely and no booking fee will be refunded. I advise you to visit a local GP or a sexual health clinic for a regular STI testing. I am also committed to a regular sexual health check.

Q4: any do’s & don’ts?

  • Betraying the trust of other escorts who have confided to you. I believe this is a very serious abuse of trust that speaks volume about yourself. Don’t be a hypocrite that demands a complete confidentiality for himself while he not protecting others’.

  • Using the same hand that you touched yourself or touched the other lady’s genitals to touch me during one on one or FFM booking.

    This is a big NO! NO!

  • Being disorganised. This also includes checking out my availability while you aren’t sure of your own schedule.

  • Being disrespectful.

  • Disrespecting my time by dragging conversation or any activity longer than arranged.

  • Leaving any visible marks on my body or attempting any activity that are not agreed upon or discussed prior to a booking.

  • Constant texting that is not booking-related.

Q5: can i approach you in public?

  • Unless you were given a prior permission to approach me, please just go about your way without making any gestures or calling out my name in public.

Q6: Is your rate negotiable?

  • I would welcome you to try to negotiate my rate as long as you plan to pay me more than I charge :)