Why a Blog?

Hello Strangers,

You may be wondering ‘why is she having a blog all of a sudden?’

Well, I had been thinking about what would be the best platform to share my thoughts on things for a while.

Having observed what other people go through upon sharing their personal views on certain topics on social media; getting a little too unfairly/harshly attacked or treated for having a different view to the majority, I’ve concluded that neither Twitter nor Instagram will be a safe platform for me to just vent out or simply get my opinions out. I strongly believe some people are just overly fragile and disturbed by anything disagreeable or “not positive enough” and feel complete entitlement to correct what seems to be politically/socially/ideologically incorrect in their own viewpoints.

Plus, committing to a blog will be a good excuse for me to practice my writing since English is my second language, and I have been feeling quite frankly fearful that I may lose the ability to write completely or it may get severely impaired since I started working as a full time escort (responding to SMS/email doesn’t count as “writing” in my opinion).

Just FYI, I have no interests in broadcasting about my blog on social media (so please don’t do it on behalf of me as a form of support or whatever) as I wish it to be an intimate space for myself and those few who happen to have time to read what I ramble on. And I am not using this blog as means of being “known”; People who know me well would agree that I don’t aspire to be a famous hoe.

I won’t also be fazed by disagreements voiced if there to be one and as a practical person with realistic views on many things, I believe anything real can’t always be pleasant or agreeable. So, if have inadvertently offended you, you can have your own blog to write against me or respectfully share your opinions on the comment section below.

Having said that, the topics of discussion will vary just depending on what kind of my mood I am in or the topics of my interest at that time of writing. I will definitely discuss about S E X as we all secretly or openly like talking/reading about it at our leisure time ;)

Anyways, I am not sure what I will be talking about on my first proper post, not to mention when. I may enable subscription function for those who want to be alerted in the future, but in the mean time, just visit my website from time to time for a nice surprise ;)

Ciao! xxx